Residence Stamps

Residence Stamps issued by INIS to Non- EEA foreign nationals on registration.

Stamp 0 Temporary permission to stay in Ireland, subject to conditions including financial self-sufficiency and private health insurance. No permission to work.
Stamp 1 Permission to work or to operate a business in Ireland, subject to conditions.
Stamp 1 A Full-time paid registered accountancy training, subject to conditions.
Stamp 1 G Issued to Stamp 2 international students who have successfully completed certain accredited studies in Ireland and have permission to look for work under the Third Level Graduate Programme, subject to conditions. Permission to work full-time.
Stamp 2 Permission to study full-time course on a list of eligible programmes for a specified period of time, subject to conditions. No access to public services. Limited permission to work during term-time.
Stamp 2 A Permission to study full-time in Ireland on a course that is not on the official list of eligible programmes, subject to conditions. No permission to work.
Stamp 3 Permission to reside in Ireland for a specified period, subject to conditions. Generally no permission to work, unless eligible under dependent/ spouse employment permit rules.
Stamp 4 Includes spouses and partners of Irish nationals; people granted international protection (refugee status or subsidiary protection); parents of an Irish citizen child granted permission to remain on that basis; people who have been granted long term residency, people who have completed 2 years on a Critical Skills Employment Permit. They do not need an employment permit to work.
Stamp 4 EU Fam Permission to reside in Ireland under “EU Treaty Rights”.
Stamp 4 S Permission to reside in Ireland under new Special Student Scheme, subject to conditions.
Stamp 5 Permission to reside in Ireland without condition as to time, subject to conditions.
Stamp 6 Not a residence card. Issued to a dual-Irish/foreign national – “without condition” endorsement in non-Irish passport.

We will be very happy to assist you with any of the above residency stamps – please contact us for further information.