Employment Permits

Employment permits are granted by the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation (DBEI). Once the Employment Permit is granted by DBEI the beneficiary of said Employment Permit will then be required to obtain an Immigration permission (and an entry Visa when necessary) from INIS now ISD on foot of said Employment Permit. There is a clear division of functions between DBEI and ISD in respect of the granting of Employment Permits and the subsequent requirement for Immigration permission. Types of Employment Permits are as follows:

• Critical skills Employment Permit (CSEP)
• General Employment Permits (GEP)
• Intra company transfer Employment Permit (ICT)
• Dependent / Partner / Spouse Employment Permit
• Reactivation Employment Permit
• Contract for service Employment Permit
• Internship Employment Permit
• Sports and cultural Employment Permits
• Exchange agreement Employment Permits

Employment Permits legislative framework:

• The Employment Permits act 2003 (as amended)
• The Employment Permits act 2006 (as amended)
• The Employment Permit regulation 2007 (as amended)
• The Employment Permit regulations 2018
• The Employment Permit regulations 2019
• S.I.No.138/2019
• S.I.No.333/2019
• S.I.No.131/2003

Should an Employment Permit application be refused by DBEI the application under the legislation is entitled to lodge an appeal.
Other work authorisations outside the Employment Permit system

• The atypical working scheme (AWS)
• EU law related matters in a corporate Immigration context
• EU Treaty Rights applications
• Posted workers
• Transfer of undertakings (TOU)
• Vander elst permissions

We will be very happy to assist you in your application for Employment Permit in Ireland – please contact us for further information.